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In volleyball, the team who scores the game-winning point must always be winning by two. When a team scores 25, if they are not leading by 2 points, the game continues until one team is winning by a two-point lead. So it’s very common to see a final score of 26-24 or 27-25. The game cannot end at 25-24, a team must lead by 2 points to win.

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Volleyball Point System. Volleyball is a sport that follows a point-based system to determine a winner. In World and Official Competitions, matches are played to full sets whereas club tournaments are usually played according to a time-limit. A rally is a series of playing actions made by both teams from when the ball is served until the ball ...

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A set point can be a pivotal moment in a volleyball match, as it represents an opportunity for one team to take a big step toward victory. Rules for set points come from both the sport’s world governing body -- the International Volleyball Federation, or FIVB -- and USA Volleyball, which oversees the sport in the United States.

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Since 1998, volleyball bas been using a new scoring system. Teams scored a point on every rally (Rally Point System), regardless of which team served. Formerly, a team could only win a point if it served the ball. Winning the serve back from the opposition was known as a side-out. Matches are played best of five sets.

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Pros and Cons of Both Volleyball Scoring Rules. Side Out Scoring. Side out scoring offers a competitive match for lower level players. If a team loses the point simply by making errors over and over, then the game can be very lopsided and end quickly.

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Volleyball can be played on hardwood, grass, sand or asphalt, using rally or side-out scoring. Volleyball matches can be played as one game or as the best of three or best of five sets. As far as scoring, volleyball can be played to 15, 25, 30 or any number of points technically.

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Official volleyball matches do not have time limits regulating the length of the game. In regular tournament play, teams win a volleyball match by winning two out of three sets. Game length varies because some point rallies may take longer.

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At the sides by the antennae and its imaginary vertical extension. Ball and the Net - Rules of Volleyball The volleyball may touch the net while crossing it. A volleyball driven into the net may be played within the limits of the 3 team hits. If the ball rips the net or tears it down the rally must be replayed.