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However, most sets used in American football include a line composed of defensive ends and defensive tackles and (behind the line) linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties. Defensive ends and tackles are collectively called defensive line , while the cornerbacks and safeties are collectively called the secondary , or defensive backs .

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In American football, the specific role that a player takes on the field is referred to as their "position." Under the modern rules of American football, both teams are allowed 11 players on the field at one time and have "unlimited free substitutions," meaning that they may change any number of players during any "dead ball" situation. This has resulted in the development of three task-specific "platoons" of players within any single team: the offense, the defense, and the so-called 'special te

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American football positions. In American football, each team has eleven players on the field at one time. Because the rules allow unlimited substitution between plays, the types of players on the field for each team differ depending on the situation. At the college and National Football League levels, most play only offense or only defense ...

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By understanding American football positions on the field, you start to increase a superior comprehension of the game itself. This incorporates the techniques and strategies groups utilize to pick up points of interest. There are various football positions and also have some specific roles. Quarterback is one of the vital areas in football.

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Football positions can be difficult to identify because players can line up in different areas depending on the type of play they'd like to run. This will be a basic guide to reference what each player does, their importance to the game, and where to most likely will see them lined up on the field before a play begins, beginning with the ...

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Professional football players generally only play one position if they are a starting player, but may switch to cover other positions in unique circumstances. Further, many of the bench players on NFL teams take the field during kickoffs and punts for special teams.

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Other Football Positions. There are a few other positions you may notice while watching a football game. Often these positions are played by athletes who also play another position listed above. Kick Returner (KR) and Punt Returner (PR): The former catches and returns kickoffs, where the latter catches and returns punts. They must be good decision-makers under pressure, reliable receivers and ball carriers, and elusive open-field runners.

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There are many football positions who have obvious roles, like the quarterback. But when it comes to telling the difference between the fullback and running back, it may not be as easy. In America, football is the undisputed heavyweight champion of all team sports, so it’s often assumed that most know the fundamentals of the game.

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Offensive Football Positions. Offensive football positions are all aimed at achieving one goal—advancing the ball down the field and scoring a touchdown. That sounds simple enough, but each ...

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Football Offensive Positions The offensive unit of a football team consists of the offensive line, the offensive backfield (including the quarterback and running backs), the tight ends, and wide receivers.